The Walking Dead Quiz!

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    During her flight with the Governor, Michonne injures him. How?

    • She cuts off his hand
    • She stabs him in the eye
    • She stabs him in the arm
    • She shoots him in the leg
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    What does Glenn say his job was before the outbreak?

    • Delivered pizzas
    • Student
    • Taxi Driver
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    What drink does the Governor drink whilst talking to Rick for the first time?

    • Milk
    • Water
    • Whiskey
    • Vodka
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    When talking to Rick, who does Ezekiel offer asylum to?

    • Maggie
    • Carl
    • Daryl
    • Michonne
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    Angry when his troops desert the prison, what does the Governor do?

    • Feeds them to Walkers
    • Shoots them
    • Kicks them out of town
    • Forces them to go back
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    Whose journey to Alexandria do we see in the opening to “JSS”

    • Enid
    • Negan
    • Abraham
    • Deanna
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    Who do the group decide to send down the well to fasten a rope around the Walker?

    • Glenn
    • T-Dog
    • Daryl
    • Shane

Which Character sees visions of his dead wife?

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